Friday, October 1, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

Hello everyone,
Today I am coming to you with my wonderful heterosexual friends in mind that have little ones at home. I had plans to meet up with a few of my friends tonight at a local sports bar to have a few drinks and catch up on all the gossip. These plans got changed however due to one couple's babysitter backing out on them... and for rather selfish reasons at that.

Mommy needs a break!
People, do me a favor... If you have a friend that is lacking a social life left due to their decision to procreate, take their kid every once in a while. I'm sure we all can spare one evening out of our fabulous lives now and then to create a little happiness for someone else.

There are so many people out there today that are only in it for themselves. I myself have been accused of it, and have tried desperately to make changes in myself to show others that I am a compassionate individual that is sensitive to other peoples needs. I suggest that many people do the same.

There are so many that say, "Well she's the one who got pregnant... let her deal with it." People don't realize that these are the type of people who need us the most. They feel alone and cut off from the world. Many regret their choices however they continue doing the responsible thing. They stay home and care for the life they created. I think this is quite admirable and I feel they deserve a break here and there.  What do you think?

MUAH for now... <3


  1. Kind of torn on that one.. Get what you are saying, and actually agree to a point, but on the other hand, some of us have also made that choice years ago and did what we had to do.. That's all part of the parent game. You don't always like it, or might need a break, but ultimately, when you make that choice to become a parent, that choice is yours alone.It's not supposed to be about our wants and needs, but the childs. I can sympathize with the feelings of being overwhelmed, and at times needing that break, but again, those are all the trials and tribulations of parenthood. In the end, and this is coming from someone who has raised one to adulthood, so don't take this wrong, but maybe many years later, you can look back at the overall picture and realize that you were the best parent that you could be. The last thing you will be thinking about is that one night that you missed with your friends. This is not meant to offend, or to anyone in particular, but just one persons take on the whole thing..

  2. @Spinosol : Thanks for the feedback. I can also see where you are coming from. I may not have expressed everything correctly above and I don't really believe that it applies to some of the young mothers that you and I both know mutually. Some mothers are still able to do what they want to do and for some, what they want to do IS to be at home with their child. I guess everyone situation is different and it is wrong of me to group all mothers into one category. I wrote this with one or two of them in mind that were sexually responsible and weren't asking for motherhood however they stepped up to the plate and became great stay at home mothers and, in the best interest of the child, put their needs and wants on the back burner. These mother's don't have parents or friends to babysit for them. These mother's don't even have transportation of their own so that they can get out of the house during the day to take care of the things that we all must in our day to day lives. I'm talking about mother's that are passing two years of motherhood without so much as a few hours off. Perhaps I should have been more clear.
    Thanks again for that feedback...
    MUAH <3

  3. I love this post your a great friend to be a single guy and care about us mothers :) even without the option of going out with a babysitter at home for jack just sitting around spending time with friends means the world to me most people dont realize how difficult it is to spend so much time alone without much adult contact that such simple things make my day :) once again your awesome Matt