Friday, October 8, 2010

National Coming Out Day : Monday, October 11th

Hey everyone,
I have just found out that this Monday (October 11th) is National Coming Out Day!  Honestly, I am shocked that I am just finding this out.  To me, this would mean that many people aren't making a big deal out of this.  But, this is a HUGE DEAL!  It is so important for our homosexual population to express who they are and even more important, I believe, for our heterosexual friends to show their support for us.

So to all my fabulous gay people out there... come Monday I expect to see you representing us.  I encourage you to wear gay pride symbols (triangles, lambdas, rainbows) on your clothing and jewelery.  To those of you who have been open for a while, don't forget that by walking around proudly displaying who you are, you may help those who are running from it.  It might even save somebody's life.

And to all my equally fabulous heteros... show us your support.  Whether you take a stand for us through something as bold as your clothing or even with something as simple as an informative status update, it will be greatly appreciated.  It is not only important to show us your support, but to stand up against those who are against us.  It is because of you wonderful straight people and your willingness to accept a lifestyle that is completely opposite from your own that allow us to be ourselves, to not be ashamed, and to again see the beauty that this world has to offer.

Keep loving yourself... Keep loving each other...
Muah for now <3

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