Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello everyone,
A shot of Davey Wavey from his Fan Page
Still trying to calm down a bit.  Ok, here goes... something kind of interesting has happened today.  First of all, I am an avid Davey Wavey follower.  He is actually one of the reasons that I started this blog.  I believe that he is a complete inspiration to the gay community and I feel I have learned a lot from him in the short time that I have been following him.  For those of you who don't know who he is, you can check him out on his blog: Break the Illusion.

Well, I got home from school today and decided to take a nap.  So, after waking up I log on to Facebook and begin scrolling through updates to see what I missed during my nap.  And then I saw it... I thought my eyes were deceiving me but no, there it was in black and white, well, blue and white... the update read "My grandmother (real name left out intentionally) likes How to Never Get Pissed Off Again! on Break The Illusion Blog by Davey Wavey".

My grandmother is new to the world of Facebook and is just getting reintroduced to the internet.  She had the internet a few years back, but we had her on AOL... needless to say, she gets a bit lost from time to time and sometimes figuring out what she is trying to say via her status updates takes some time.  So I figured, well... I must have liked this blog post myself and she must have seen the link and just decided to like it too,  much like when you see a post from your friend like "Susie likes It's Better to Have Loved and Lost Then To Never Have Loved At All" or some such garbage. I'm assuming most people are familiar with Facebook, for those of you who aren't, please forgive the lingo.  But upon further investigation, I realize that I never clicked 'Like' for that particular link.  So was my grandma being a Facebook stalker?  Does she even know how to do that?

Now, Grandma has never given me any grief about my lifestyle choice, which I find to be amazing due to how religious she is... but I wasn't the one to tell her that I was gay and I have heard that when she was told, her response was, "Well, a sin is a sin..."... kind of unsettling.  The problem is this : Davey Wavey's blog, while very inspirational and informative is full of shots of oily abs, guys in underwear, and cock talk.  I don't mind it, I actually prefer it... but what would my grandmother think???

Then I noticed her very next status update after liking the blog post.  It read, "afraid to ask what r u doing there".  This wasn't posted on my wall, it was directed at the world... but she has been known to send messages to people via photo comments of other people or posting a message she was trying to send to somebody as a status update.  It seems this update was meant to be directed to me, but it would seem foolish to jump to such conclusions, wouldn't it?

Anyway, I'm going to try and take the advice of my mentor, Davey Wavey.  The very blog post that created all of this drama, "How to Never Get Pissed Off Again", is a great video in itself.  He tells a story about him getting drenched by a car speeding through a puddle while he was out walking his dog.  He says that instead of getting pissed off about it, he used something called the alternate story technique.  This is where you create a story that makes the events that transpired less infuriating.  In this case, he decided that the driver may have been rushing to the hospital because his mother was ill or his child was hurt.  You can watch the video here : How to Never Get Pissed Off Again! 

So, let's try to apply it... alternate story, alternate story... Maybe she was... no.  Ummm, oh!  I bet she was... no that can't be it.  This is harder than I thought.  A little help please!  Can any of you come up with an idea as to what my sweet grandmother was doing on Davey Wavey's blog?

MUAH for now! <3


  1. Uh, at least it wasn't the anal douching blog. Some things were meant to remain a secret.

  2. Really? Anal douching? Sounds like quite the blog.

  3. I understand the confusion this would cause as my grandmother is also computer savvy- more so than my mom was. Continue to be brave, take Davey's advice on not being mad, or just do as I do and find the funny in a situation. After all, if one is to be FB stalked, I suppose a stalker with a crotchet-covered livingroom counts as funny...

  4. @Evergreen Man : Hey, crochet needles can be dangerous! LOL. I just hope she doesn't think I'm some pervert now. I volunteered to go paint her rental house today, so we shall see! Thanks for the feedback :)